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Favorite Links

Tibetan Freedom Links

 Free Tibet Campaign
 Free Dharma Screensavers
Tibetan Government in Exile
Tibet Online Resource Gathering
 Home Page of Tibet

Buddhist Sites

 Buddha Net
Dharma Ring
 The Tricycle Hub
Namgyal Monastery Online
His Holiness the Dalai Lama
 eDharma Buddhism Resource Magazine
 Osel Shen Phen Ling - Tibetan Buddhist Center
 Quiet Mountain Tibetan Buddhist Resource Guide
Dharma Haven including the Electronic Prayer Wheel

Islamic Sites

"He that hath two cakes of bread,
let him exchange one of them for flowers;
since bread is food for the body,
but flowers are food for the soul."
the Prophet Mohammed (pbuh)
"If of thy mortal goods thou are bereft,
And from thy slender store
Two loaves alone to thee are left;
Sell one, and with the dole
Buy hyacinths to feed thy soul."
 author unknown - after Mohammed (pbuh)
Introduction to Islam
Here are some sites to search and study the Holy Quran
  English Translation of Al-Quran Topics Index
Quran Browser Basic Home Page
  Quran Subject Index
 The Koran
This site is extraordinary!
Check out their calligraphy pages:
 Islamic & Arabic Arts & Architecture
This sites contains many informative articles,
including articles on Islamic women's rights:
Huma's Web Page on Islam
 Islamic Ring
Web Rings
One of easiest ways to find pages on subjects of interest!
There may be others, but I usually end up at
  Ring World - The Webring Directory
Here you can find rings on almost every subject,
from the sublime to the humorous.

Web Graphics & Fonts

Moyra's Web Jewels
The most beautiful backgrounds and
graphics I've encountered to date!
 S S Studios - A Gallery of Digital Delights
The name says it all without exageration!
This site (SIGHT!) leaves me speechless.
Extraordinary talent.  Don't miss her Tarot Cards!
Thank you Moyra for turning me on to it!
 Dana's Designs
Another great sight that Moyra turned me on to!
 Land of Enchantment
 This site has a huge selection of attractive backgrounds
in many colors, textures and styles.  Most are free to
use if you give her the credit and a link.  Go and see!
Fontage 2  - Lots of great freeware true type fonts
Art, Artists, Galleries & Museums
Thangka Gallery
Sacred Art Collection
 World Artists for Tibet
Artists of the Web
Diana Savage's Art Page
 WebMuseum Artist Index
  World Wide Art Resources
 Alex Grey's Sacred Mirrors Chapel
  Transfigurations by Alex Grey
Metropolitan Museum of Art - New York City
   Victoria and Albert Museum - London, U.K.
 The Lourve - Paris, France
 The Prado - Madrid, Spain
Uffizi Gallery - Florence, Italy
 Vatican Museum - Rome, Italy

Political Links

Speak your mind!  Tell the politicians what you think.
These  next two links give e-mail addresses for the people in
power.  For the United States : The Electronic Activist
or the rest of the world : Politicians of the World
Environmental & Animal Rights Links
Greenpeace USA          Greenpeace Mexico
 Greenpeace Canada          Greenpeace Australia
  Greenpeace Marine Services
  Zero Population Growth          6 Billion Human Beings
 World Population Counter
The Nature Conservancy          Environmental Defense Fund
National Wildlife Federation          World Wildlife Fund
 People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals
The Fund For Animals

Goddess Links

 The Goddess Circle
  Civilization of the Goddess
  ICYouSee : G is for Goddess

Pagan & Wiccan Links

I'm not going to reinvent the wheel here.
Ring World has extensive lists already
under Society and Culture : Religion.
Astrology & Tarot Links
Current Planetary Positions
Invaluable Online Ephemis
 Rob Brezsny's Real Astrology
Real Different - Tongue in Cheek
Astronet          AstroAdvice          AstroTurf
Daily & Weekly Horoscopes & Much More
 eDharma - Buddhist Astrology
Dreampower Tarot          Osho Zen Tarot
Full Moon Dreams Tarot
Kris Walherr - Goddess Tarot Oracle
The Matrix Oracles
Astrology...Tarot...Runes...I Ching...Numerology
 Michelle's Tarot Page         Sahara's Tarot Page
Aeclectic Tarot            Wicce's Tarot Collection
I Ching
 Oracle of Changes
 Of all the sites Ive been to which give
free I Ching readings, this had the easiest to
understand interpretations.  If you're already
familiar with the Book of Changes and want
a somewhat more traditional aproach try
 I Ching

Miscellaneous Links

USA Today Gist TV
Excite TV
Consumer Re-education
Go ahead and watch television, but
don't be seduced and indocrinated by
corporate America's self-serving misinformation,
promotion, and manipulation of our consumer culture!
Adbusters Culture Jammers Headquarters
Dumbentia - The Parody Place
The Gallery of Advertising Parody
The Gallery of the Absurd
Terrence McKenna Land
They do things differently there!
An alchemical garden at the edge of time.
Absürd Örg
This site has a message - I'm just not sure
what it is yet.  But it's worth a look.  If you
figure it out, let me know.
The First Church of Commonsense
These folks have a refreshing approach.
An equal opportunity religionwith
no rules ~ no dogmas ~ no dues!
They're very talented people as well!
Explore the homepages of
Sienna Wildfield, High Priestess ,
 Johnny Asia, Pope-About-Town ,
and other "church officials"!
This site is huge, with information, services
& resources from many different spiritual paths.
!Enigma - The Paranorma
Stone Pages
If you're interested in ancient megalithic sites,
such as Stonehenge and Newgrange, this is the
place to check them out.  Lots of information
and and the very best graphics!
Heartless Bitches International
Not for the faint of heart or easily offended!
The Complete Collection of Men Jokes

Music Links

  The Ultimate Band List
 Search by Artist or Musical Genre
Midi Archives
Enya Midi Archive
Taylor's Traditional Tunebook
ReelMusic - The Celtic Music Network
Classical Midi Archives
 George and Ira Gershwin Archives
Celtic Wonder
Ceolas - Home of Celtic Music
The Unofficial Clannad Website
Lilith Fair