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My Soapbox

"A collective tyrant, spread over the length and breadth of the land,
     is no more acceptable than a single tyrant ensconced on his throne."
     Georges Clemenceau

I admit it - I'm opinionated.  You probably are as well.
But I have been known to change my mind!
You're welcome to try to persuade me to change it.

Here are a few of the causes I support:

Zero Population Growth
Think before you breed!  People take up lots of room.  Loss of habitat is
one of the main causes leading to the extinction of species on a global level.

Religious Freedom
Lesbian and Gay Rights
Racial and Gender Equality

Animal Rights
(The Right of each individual specie to a clean, natural
habitat, and freedom from experimentation and cruelty.)

Environmental Rights
The absolute right of Gaia (The Spirit Source of Life on earth) to be clean and
free of environmental pollutants, overpopulation and imbalance caused by one
specie out of millions.  I believe that Environmental Rights supercede
"Human Rights", but they are by no means mutually exclusive!

Teach Tolerance!  End Racism, Sexism, Specism.

No Nukes Ever! ~ For any Reason!
Nuclear Power is Dirty, Dangerous, and Expensive.  I don't want the world's
radioactive garbage in my backyard - or anyone else's backyard either!
Whenever possible use alternative energy sources - solar, wind, etc.,
and tell Congress to support legislation blocking new nuclear generators.

Full Decriminalization of Cannabis Use & Cultivation
Ain't Nobody's Business If I Do!

Marijuana is NOT a "gateway" drug.  It is an herb - an effective and relatively safe remedy for depression, and many other medical problems as well.  I have smoked marijuana for almost 30 years and I do not smoke tobacco, or drink alcohol - much less use hard drugs such as cocaine or heroin.  Some people are simply weak-willed or self-destructive and will try anything - and keep looking until they find a suitable means to destroy themselves (and other people in the process).  The fact that they once tried marijuana in the past is not an indication that it was marijuana that led them to harder drugs.

Marijuana may be bad for your memory, but I have never forgotten anything I wanted or needed to remember.  And even if it isn't good for lungs, many things which are more unhealthy for the body, or even downright dangerous, are legal - including skydiving, boxing, unprotected sex, and sunbathing!  I don't need Uncle Sam to protect me from myself.

Current Cannabis Laws are unconstitutional and unconscionable.  We are supposed to have the right to the pursuit of happiness, and to be proctected against unreasonable search and seizure!  I do not have any objection to laws restricting it's possession and use by minors, or operating vehicles or heavy machinery while under the influence, but the government has no right to tell adults what they can and cannot smoke or drink in the privacy of their homes.

I also believe:
Power Corrupts!  If politicians aren't corrupt before they get elected,
they soon become corrupt.  Therefore, term limits are needed - desperately.

Insurance Companies = Organized Crime
Medical, Life, Property, Auto - All of them!
I'm sick of being forced (by my employer and the state) to throw my money down
a rathole!  Insurance companies suck you dry and then attempt to weasel out of
paying you compensation by any unethical means at their disposal.  I would rather trust
in God or fate to protect me - and take reasonable precautions to protect myself.

Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, and Accupuncture
is usually safer than allopathy, and efficacious for most minor illnesses.
However, we all have mortal bodies and we all must die eventually.  We have
a right to die with dignity when the time comes.

If you think I'm full of it - tell me!  You can write to me at