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Taylor's Angel Page

and some Fairies too!

Taylor, Spring 1998

      Taylor Elisabeth

Love by Sandra Kuck         Patience by Sandra Kuck

Sandra Kuck
Love and Patience

Lena Liu's Angel of LightLena Liu's Guardian Angel

Lena Liu
Angel of Light
Guardian Angel

Red Clover Fairy by Cicily Mary Barker

Red Clover Fairy by
Cicily Mary Barker

White Lilies by Sulamith Wulfing

Sulamith Wulfing
White Lilies

A Little Magic!
Secret Spells & Curious Charms
by Monika Beisner
Farrar Straus Giroux
New York
LCCN : 85-45323
ISBN : 374-46600-9/0370 (Paperback)

Secret by Monika Beisner

Flibberty, gibberty, flasky flum,
Calafa, tarada, wagra wum.
Hooky, maroosky, whatever's the sum,
Heigho! Presto! Money come!